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UltraThon™ is back!
UltraThon™ Repellent

Made by 3M, this highly effective repellent developed for the U.S. Military has a unique, high-tech formula to repel mosquitos, flies, and other biting insects for up to twelve hours with just 33% DEET. The controlled release polymer suspension also helps block absorption of the repellent through your skin. Water- and perspiration-resistant. (2 fl oz tube)

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UltraThon™ is back!

Product Features:

  • Up to 12 hours of protection with one application (if using sunscreen, it's best to apply the sunscreen first)
  • When combined with pemethrin, 100% protection can be achieved
  • Contains 33% DEET dispersed in a controlled release polymer suspension which helps block absorption of the repellent through the skin and slows evaporation
  • Front of container lists "DEET" as "n1n-diethyl-m-toluamide (31.58%)"
  • Effective against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, ticks and fleas
  • Water and perspiration resistant and fragrance-free

Customer Reviews

It works! - Review by

We used it in the Caribbean where I usually return with bites and welts from mosquitos. It works very well...the only thing that could make it better is if it had some kind of alarm or reminder so I could remember to use it before the first bite!

(Posted on 12/7/10)
UltronThon Insect Repellent - Review by

Although it is early into the warmer months, it seems to be a very good product.

(Posted on 4/15/10)
Ultrathon - Review by

Since we live in the woods, and we love to walk in these woods, we always use this repellent. I am very allergic to any insect bite.

(Posted on 4/9/10)
Will never use another repellent - Review by

I am a mosquito magnet -- at home, I am constantly applying other types of repellents & still ending up with bites. In August of 2009 I spent 16 days in Kenya and Uganda and used this product -- I did not receive a single bite! It is now my go-to repellent for everyday use at home. I love this product.

(Posted on 3/2/10)
Will not go to Puerto Vallarta with out it - Review by

This is the finest product for bug repellent made. It is non greasy, does not stink and is the best repellent for sand fleas, and bed bugs. PLEASE Magellans don't ever run out of UltraThon.

(Posted on 11/29/09)
AWESOME! - Review by

I am usually prone to insect bites.... Ultrathon kept me bite free during monsoon season in Cambodia! Thanks Magellan for another great product! I would highly recommend this product!

(Posted on 8/12/09)
African Safari - Review by

Used this product for two weeks on a vacation to Tanzania, where malaria mosquitoes are plentiful. My husband and I did not get one misquito, tick or any other kind of bite. Will use it again when hiking in the woods in northern Michigan. For your info, NO REPELLENTS can protect you against tse-tse flies (which they did).

(Posted on 7/7/09)
This was great !!! - Review by

My husband and I used this product while on vacation in Jamaica. I am usually a mosquito magnet, however; even when we hiked through heavy forest and waterfall areas it worked like a charm. It also repelled sand fleas on the beach. We plan to use this on other trips this summer to mosquito-prone areas (New Orleans for example) !

(Posted on 6/4/09)
UltraThon is the best - Review by

Ultrathon was recommended by our travel doc. We took it with us to Congo. We recommended it to friends traveling with us, but they were experienced campers and scout leaders so already had their own deet products. By the second day we were there, we were bite-free and others were getting eaten up in malaria country. Fortunately the small tubes go a long way so we were able to share an extra tube. They became UltraThon believers.

(Posted on 5/17/09)

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UltraThon™ Repellent

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