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You didn’t accidentally leave your credit card anywhere. And you weren’t held up. Yet someone has gotten ahold of your credit card number and is having a field day spending your money and stealing your identity! How did they do it? Many passports and credit cards are imbedded with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that contain our personal and financial information. Identity thieves have figured out how to gain access to our personal information on the tags by using special scanning devices as they walk past us. Only by blocking RFID with special material in wallets, can we make our private information inaccessible to thieves.

 Magellan's RFID Aluminum WalletHaving RFID protection doesn’t mean we have to walk around with a veritable safe in our pockets or purses. RFID wallets come in sleek, practical designs and attractive colors. Take for instance Magellan’s Aluminum Wallet ($29.50) with its sleek case that comes in a variety of colors including purple, green, pink and light blue. With its modern, techno look, it holds cash or up to 10 credit or ID cards in its seven sleeves.

Combining RFID protection with contemporary styling, this travel-savvy Stainless Steel RFID Wallet ($74.50) is made from 85% post-consumer recycled stainless steel and silver ballistic nylon mesh that blocks illegal scanning of the RFID chips. It’s extremely lightweight and more durable than leather.

If a wallet just isn’t a wallet to you if it isn’t leather, the Leather RFID Passport Wallet ($37.50) will fit the “bill.” Lightweight and compact, it has an ID window, six credit card slots, passport pocket and zippered coin pocket.

Multiple compartments keep everything organized, and see-through windows ensure easy access in the RFID Blocking Passport/Ticket Wallet ($24.00). Carry your passport, ID, credit cards and even your boarding pass in this one item. Made of 210 denier nylon, it can be worn around your neck, cross-body, or on your belt, and includes a pen. There’s also an RFID Stainless Steel Passport Sleeve ($49.50) for additional coverage.

If you only have a few, essential cards to protect, the RFID Blocking Card Sleeve ($10.00) may be all you need. Carrying up to four cards, toss it in your purse or even in a larger wallet and you’re protected.

RIFD Travel WalletsUsing a bi-fold design, the RFID-tec™ 100 RFID Blocking Wallet ($30.00) has room enough in to carry five cards, an ID window, two zippered pockets for currency and coins, and an elasticized strap.

Carry this RFID Travel Wallet ($35.00) four ways: across your body, over your shoulder, around your waist or as a clutch. In four fashionable colors, there is also a zippered cosmetics pocket. It’s so pretty, no one will know it’s also busy protecting your identity from thieves.

With this much variety, you can choose the look and capacity of RFID wallets you like best. And don’t just use them for travel. Going about your day-to-day life, you’ll be protected from identity thieves stealing from you, from a distance.