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Finding the Right Electrical Adapter

Wall socket types and voltage requirements differ from country to country, but using your North American appliances in foreign countries (as well as foreign appliances in North America) is easy with our extensive selection of adaptor plugs and voltage converters. Want to make sure you have the right adapters and/or converters for the countries you're visiting?  Use Magellan's Electrical Wizard to view adapter/converter options by selecting where you're going and what type(s) of electrical appliances you are taking with you.

Below is a chart of the four most common international adapter plugs for your NON-GROUNDING 2-prong appliances.
NON-GROUNDING Adaptor Plugs North American Style European Style South Pacific Style

Below is a chart of the most requested international adapter plugs for your GROUNDING 3-prong appliances.
GROUNDING Adaptor Plugs Italian Style France and Germany Style UK Style South Pacific and China

Country by Country Electrical Chart
Download a chart of all Magellan's adapter plugs and voltage requirements by country:
Magellan's Guide to World Electrical Connections.Magellan's Guide to World Electrical Connections

Need to plug in everywhere?
Our World Grounding Plug Set contains all the adapter plugs needed for worldwide connection. The best value for world travelers! SAVE $37.00 when you purchase the set! 

Note: Your electrical appliance may require a converter or voltage transformer depending on your appliance and where you travel. There are two basic standard wall currents in the world, 100-125 volts, and 220-250 volts. Some countries use the same 100-125 volt system as the United States and other North American countries. Others use a 220-250 volt system common in Europe and elsewhere. To be confident you have the right adapter and/or converter for your international travels, use the handy Magellan's Electrical Wizard Power Adapter and Converter tool.

World Grounding Plug Set

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