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Travel Tips - Safety & Security

Answering Machines

Never record an outgoing message at home that indicates that you are away.

Anybody Home?

If you have a house sitter, ask them to make their presence obvious. Open and close curtains, water the yard, turn on different lights and even move your cars if possible.

ATM Security

Use extreme caution when using ATM machines anywhere. Note your surroundings and try to use them only in secure daylight conditions. Learn more about using ATMs while traveling.

Back It Up Buster

Back up your computer before you leave home. You're more likely to have a drive crash or your computer stolen while traveling.

Beach Security

Pack a guaranteed water tight security pouch so you can bring your valuables into the water with you. Thieves are well aware that we all "hide" things in our shoes at the beach.

Child Ids

Ask your local hospital if they can give you a few plastic bracelets. Label your emergency information on them and attach them to you child's wrist when traveling.

Electronic Hotel Keys

If your hotel uses electronic keys, ask if they will re-swipe the card when you check in as a precaution. That way, if they 'forgot' when the last person checked out, you know you are starting with a fresh key code.

Emergency Contact

Give a neighbor your emergency contacts in the event that you need to be reached due to a household emergency.

Emergency Exits

Whether you are boarding a plane, cruise ship, train or even checking into a hotel, make note of the emergency exit locations.

Expensive Jewelry

Leave expensive jewelry at home including all expensive-looking jewelry! You can be mugged just as easily for a fake Rolex, gold plate or cubic zirconium as for the real thing.

Faux Wedding Bands

If you are a single woman, wear a wedding ring for extra security. Some cultures assume that if you aren't 'taken' that you are actively looking to be.

Hotel Safes

Whenever possible, store your valuables in the hotel or ship safe rather than the one in your room. Often, insurance policies will only cover you if the items were stored in the hotel safe.

Motion Sensors

There are many types of motion sensors that you can use in your hotel room. If anyone enters or tries to enter your room, these will alert you and startle the intruder.

Open Door Policy

When your taxi delivers you to your destination, leave the passenger door open until you verify that all of your bags have been unloaded.


Pickpockets are everywhere, so keep your valuables safely stashed in a security wallet.. You can keep a little mad money more readily available on your person but no more than you can afford to lose.

Restroom Security

Never leave your luggage outside the restroom door or leave your bag on the hook on the back of the door. If a thief tries to steal your belongings, you are literally a sitting duck.

Travel Warnings

Take the time to research potential travel warnings and consulate locations for your destinations. Keep a list of the consulates with you as you travel.

Women Traveling Alone

If you are a woman and plan to travel alone, become very familiar with the laws and customs of that country before you travel. Certain cultures perceive single women very differently and you can easily find yourself in an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation.