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Travel Tips - Phones & Communications

Cell Phone Compatibility

Check with your cellular phone service provider to see if your phone and contract allow foreign use.

Communicate with Electronic Translator

Electronic translators are a great way to both learn the language and communicate with the locals. Some models even do the talking for you.

Free E-Mail for On the Road

Sign up with a web-based email service such as Yahoo or MSN's Hotmail. If you don't want to lug along your laptop computer, you can always pop into a cyber cafe to get online.

Phone Cards

Purchase a pre-paid phone card either before you leave or when you arrive. Make sure that it can be used in all the countries you plan to visit.

Postcards from Home

Before every trip abroad, pick up postcards of your home town and state. These picture postcards make great icebreakers.

Text Your Message

Text messaging is a great way to get updates from home - your housesitter, the office, your family - and for you to reply quickly and easily.

Universal Symbols

Bring a translator card that shows universal symbols. You can easily communicate your needs by pointing to the corresponding symbol.