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Travel Tips - Packing

Appropriate Attire

Remember, while shorts and tank tops may be perfectly acceptable attire at home, the same may not be true for your overseas destination. Ask your travel agent or take a look on-line.

Avoid Wrinkles

Roll t-shirts, sweaters, and wrinkle-resistant pants to avoid hard creases or folds. Place these items in packing cubes and pack them around the perimeter of your bag.

Baggage Limitations

Be aware that tour companies may impose stricter baggage limitations than the airlines. Ask in advance.

Bulk Up

Wear your bulky clothes and heaviest shoes on board the aircraft to maximize luggage space and minimize weight.

Collapsible Totes

Bring a collapsible tote that packs flat in your carry-on. In transit, use it for snacks, magazines and paperbacks, etc. When it's time to go home the tote can be used as an extra suitcase for gifts and souvenirs

Dress Code

Because cruises often have dress code requirements, you may need a larger rolling suitcase to accommodate formal wear. Request a packing list from the cruise line in advance.

Extra Toothbrush

If you are going to be in an area where local water is a problem, bring an extra toothbrush. First thing in the morning, it's easy to forget and run your brush under the faucet - this way you can toss it and use the spare.

Fast Dry Underwear

Save luggage space and bring a few pairs of fast dry underwear that you can wash in your hotel sink and that will dry overnight.


Always have a small flashlight with you. You can use it to read menus in a dark restaurant or navigate in a dark hotel room. The light from your cell phone can sometimes work as a flashlight in a pinch.


Folding or inflatable travel hangers can be useful in the event that you need to dry out laundry in your hotel room.

Hats are a Must

Don't forget to bring a hat! Choose a style that has a large brim, is preferably waterproof, offers some sort of ventilation and most of all, is packable.

Heavy Items

Pack your heaviest items at the bottom of your bag, closest to the wheels. This will keep your bag from tipping, and prevent heavier items from shifting and causing wrinkles.

Label Inside and Out

Make sure that your bags are labeled inside and out as outside tags can be lost in transit.

Long Underwear

Pack a set of silk long underwear. It is lightweight, packs into a tiny space, insulates in cold weather, and doubles as pajamas.

Make Your Bag Stand Out

Make your black rolling luggage stand out on the carousel with brightly-colored luggage tags or stickers.

Mini Tripods

Bring along a travel size tripod. These can be used with both still cameras and video cameras to take slow exposure shots or even self portraits.

Mix and Match

Try to pack clothing that you can mix and match. Choose a neutral color as a base for slacks or skirts and add colorful tops for variety.


Moleskin can be a life saver. Because you tend to walk more than usual and wear the same shoes over and over, blisters are almost inevitable.

Neck Ties

Place neckties in the pockets of shirts or blazers that you intend to wear them with. This way, you will be sure you have packed what you need and will know exactly where to find them.

Pack Light

If you plan to travel by train, pack as lightly as possible. Because the train timetables are so reliable in Europe, they are often at the station for a very brief time, and you'ill need to find your car and board quickly.

Pack Tight

Pack lightly but tightly. Under packing may cause items to shift in the extra space and become wrinkled. Wrinkling will also occur if the case is packed too tightly.

Packing Belts

Rather than coiling your belts, un-roll them and place them around the edges of your suitcase.

Packing Boards

Use a packing board to help you uniformly fold clothing. It can also be used as a divider in your luggage

Packing Heat

Invest in a insulated curling iron carrier. This way, you don't have to wait for your curling iron or brush to cool off before you pack them!

Packing Organization

Organize items in bags or pouches inside your luggage. They are easy to inspect and easy for you to locate.

Packing Reflections

Take time as you unpack at home to consider which items worked well for your trip and update your packing list accordingly. Examine your luggage closely and make necessary repairs immediately.

Packing Shoes

Shoes take up an incredible amount of space in your luggage. Fill the insides with items such as socks or belts.

Pill Cases

Compartmentalized, opaque pill holders (like our Vitamin/Pill Cases) are great for carrying small jewelry (earrings, necklaces) and are inconspicuous.

Postcards from Home

Before every trip abroad, pick up postcards of your home town and state. These picture postcards make great icebreakers.

Practical Day Bags

A day bag with a handle is more practical than most purses. It will hold cosmetics, tissues, lip balm, aspirins, pen, map, mini-flashlight, and so on and can be stashed inside your tote.

Protect Your Feet

Travelers tend to walk more than usual. Pack new socks with well-cushioned soles and the comfortable, well-broken-in shoes.

Protect Your Shoes

Protect your shoes from scuffs and your clothing from soil with shoe bags.

Quick Laundry

Bring a simple laundry kit with you so you can do quick washes in the hotel sink. A sink stopper, clothesline and packets of suds are very inexpensive compared to the cost of laundry services.


Scarves can be the ultimate travel accessory as they take up virtually no room and can be so versatile. Use them to spruce up blazers or dresses, as belts and even as head coverings in mosques.

Sensible Shoes

Because of the movement of cruise ships, it is very easy to lose your balance. Bring rubber soled shoes for strolling around the decks and try to bring sturdier dress shoes if possible. Also bring good walking shoes for shore excursions.


Bring a pair of inexpensive slippers, flip flops or shower shoes. They can be used in unsavory shower stalls, as slippers in your room or even on the beach.

Smooth Out Wrinkles

Bring a can of fabric relaxant to remove wrinkles static cling, and freshen your clothing.

Spare Eyeglasses

If you depend on prescription eyewear, bring an extra pair of glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses.


Bring a reliable, compact stain remover so you can be prepared for any situation. Make sure it can tackle a variety of fabrics and stains.

Swap Clothes

When traveling with a companion, pack a change of clothing in each others luggage - that way you'll have something clean to wear if your luggage is lost. If traveling solo, pack a change of underwear and socks in your carry-on.

Tissue Paper

Placing tissue paper between folds in your clothing may eliminate wrinkles.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessity. Make sure you understand completely what it does and does not cover before you purchase a policy.

Zip It

Pack a large zip top bag to store miscellaneous papers such as tickets, postcards, receipts and guidebooks.

Zip-Top Bags

Pack a few plastic bags (preferably the zip-top kind) for storing damp items such as laundry, washcloths and wet shoes.