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Travel Tips - Family Travel


If you are flying internationally with an infant, ask if they have a bassinet available. These are reserved early so make your request as far in advance as possible.

Beach Balls

Bring along a collapsed inflatable beach ball for 'emergency' entertainment for all ages. It can also be used to help your children interact with local children by playing a simple game of ball.

Child Ids

Ask your local hospital if they can give you a few plastic bracelets. Label your emergency information on them and attach them to you child's wrist when traveling.

Dog Tags

Have a 'dog tag' type of ID made with your child's name, blood type and emergency contact information. Have them wear it around their neck when traveling.

Ear Infections

If your child is prone to ear infections, have them checked prior to travel, especially if you are flying.

Emergency Info

Have your child carry a small piece of paper with him/her when traveling that lists his/her name, address and the phone number where they are staying. If they get lost, they can hand this to an adult who can help reunite them with you.

Emergency Plans for Children

Be sure to discuss emergency plans with your children before you travel. Make sure they know where to go when lost, who to call, etc. Have them carry slips of paper with emergency information on them at all times.

Involve the Kids

Let your kids get involved in the planning process. Buy maps and books in advance to help them learn about your destination.

Kid's Outfits

When traveling with children, pack entire outfits in pouches or zipper top bags. That way, you don't spend valuable vacation time digging through suitcases to get ready. Ask them to help you choose outfits before you travel so they can't veto your choices.

Letter of Permission

If a child is traveling with a guardian instead of his/her parents, the guardian should have both a notarized letter of permission (from the parents) as well as a medical release with them.

Recent Photos

Carry recent photos of your children with you (or in your cell phone photos), in case you lose them in a crowded area and need help locating them.


Bring along a supply of oral rehydration salts in the event that you get travelers' diarrhea. This is especially important when traveling with children.


Encourage your children to keep mementos from their vacation such as ticket stubs, postcards or other small items. When they return, they can put them in a scrapbook or vacation box to enjoy looking at when they get older.

Toy Assortment

If you are flying with children, bring along an assortment of toys and books that they have never seen before. Keep a surprise one set aside for the return trip to keep it fun.