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Travel Tips - Electricity

Auto Appliances

Appliances that operate on power supplied by your car cigarette lighter will work just as well in a rental car overseas. 12 volt car batteries are standard.

Check the Volts

Check the voltage requirements on any appliances you plan to bring abroad. If your appliances are not dual-voltage, you may need a voltage transformer as well as an adaptor plug.

Dual-Voltage Appliances

Whenever possible, purchase dual voltage appliances. That way, all you need is an adaptor plug when traveling abroad.

Electrical Quality

If you travel with a laptop and worry about the quality of the electricity (power surges, spikes, etc.), plug your laptop into the wall socket only for charging, and operate it on battery power.

How do you tell if your appliance is dual-voltage?

If the electrical input requirements displayed on your appliance read something like 100/250 volts, the appliance is dual-voltage and a transformer will not be needed in countries overseas.

Switch Dual Voltage Appliances As You Pack

If you travel with dual voltage appliances that have voltage switches, flip the switches to the foreign voltage as you pack - you may not remember to when you arrive.

Voltage Requirements

If you see an electronic item that you wish to bring home as a souvenir, check its voltage requirements. If it is not dual-voltage, you may need a transformer to operate it at home.