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Travel Tips - Auto Travel

Auto Travel

Automobile accidents are the greatest cause of death for healthy Americans traveling abroad. The Association for Safe International Road Travel offers steps you can take to help avoid a fatal accident overseas.

Car Rental Insurance

Check with your car insurance policy and/or credit card company to see if you are already covered for rental car insurance.

Car Security

Keep all doors locked when you are in and out of the car and don't leave bags, maps or any other belongings in sight.

Familiarize Yourself

When renting a car, spend some time finding the controls and safety features BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE RENTAL AGENCY. Crowded, unfamiliar streets in strange cities are NOT the best places to learn how to work the lights, windshield wipers, or tune the radio!

International Drivers License

Only two organizations in the U.S. are authorized by the State Department to offer an International Drivers' Permit, the National Automobile Club and American Automobile Association