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Travel Tips - Airports & Flying

Baggage Limitations

Ask your airline what their baggage limitations are in advance. These may differ airline to airline as well as airplane to airplane.

Carry It With You

Keep valuables - jewelry, travel documents, and those irreplaceable photos - on you or in your carry-on bag. Never check anything that you don't want to lose.

Checking Bags

Double check baggage claim tickets immediately before your luggage is whisked away to ensure they match your claim stub.

Chew Gum to Relieve Pressure

If you experience ear discomfort while you are flying, chewing gum can relieve the pressure.

Curbside Check in

Use the curbside service and avoid the hassle of long baggage check lines. At just one or two dollars per bag, it seems a small price to dodge 30 minutes in line.

Departure Taxes

Be aware that you may be required to pay an airport tax upon departure. Find out how much it will be in advance and have it easily accessible.

Don't Fill Up

Take care to only fill containers 5/6 of the way full and squeeze out excess air so they won't leak due to altitude changes.

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a great way to block out the inevitable distractions while in flight. Do not wear them during take-offs and landings as they will prevent your ears from being able to equalize the pressure.

Ear Pressure

If you suffer from ear pain when flying, there are special ear plugs that you insert before take-off and landing that will help equalize the air pressure in your ear drum. Do not use ordinary ear plugs for this problem!

Keep Moist

There are solutions and ointments that you can use in-flight to keep your nasal membranes moist. This will help lower your susceptibilty to airborne viruses.

Know that Airport Code

If checking luggage, note the three-letter city / airport code on your airline ticket and be certain that the tag applied to your luggage has the same code.

Last Minute Flight Info

Many airlines will e-mail or text-message your flight information such as gate number or delays. Check your airline website to sign up.


Pack a few 'meal-on-the-go' bars in your carry-on luggage. These will help tide you over until the next decent meal opportunity arises.

Move About

Flying is tough on your body so get up and move around often to increase cirulation and decrease stiffness.

Neck Pillow Inflation

Take care not to over-inflate your neck pillow as it will swell up a bit when the plane reaches altitude. It will also 'cuddle' your head better when it's a bit under-inflated.

Neck Pillows

A good neck pillow makes all the difference when flying. Once you try one, you will never go back to those tiny airline pillows.

On-time Performance

When booking flights, check for the on-time performance record for the flights for your itinerary. It may be the deciding factor in which flight you choose.

Power in the Air

When traveling with your laptop, check with the airline to see if they offer seat outlets on your flight. If so, you can purchase an EmPower adaptor that will allow you to plug your laptop into the plane's power rather than running on your laptop battery.

Reconfirm Flights

Reconfirm all flights to confirm flight numbers, times and seat assignments. Also call within 24 hours of the flight as details may have changed at the last minute. Be aware that even if you have re-confirmed, the airline can give your seat away if you don't check in within a certain time before the flight.

Reconfirm Special Arrangements

As well as reconfirming flight numbers and times, also reconfirm any special arrangements you have made in advance such as special meals, assistance and traveling with an infant.