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Go abroad with Toothettes, easy dental hygiene care and cleaning. Toothettes come individually-wrapped, twenty to a pack and work like a disposable toothbrush, but they require no water. Instead, your saliva is enough to activate the mint-tasting dentifrice contained in each pink, gently-abrasive foam head. They remove debris from teeth and oral tissue (including all traces of that "furry teeth" feeling), and leave your mouth tasting great again! (20 per pack)

More Information Product Features:
  • Your saliva activates the Toothette
  • Individually wrapped for keeping in your purse or bag
  • Great for trains, planes and automobiles, for the office, etc.
  • 20 in each pack
  • Shelf life is 2 years
  • Vigorous scrubbing is not recommended
  • Toothettes are not to be used by children under six without adult supervision
  • Designed to be used without water and without rinse
  • Ingredients: Mannitol, dicalcium phosphate, flavoring, sodium hexametaphosphate, dimethicone, paraffin liquidum

Customer Reviews

Not listed ingredients!!! - Review by

Ordered these Toothettes based on the simple Ingredients listed in 'More Info'. What's listed is: Powdered mint dentifrice, lime and glycerine. This is NOT what is listed on the Toothettes packaging! What is on the package is: Mannitol, dicalcium phosphate, flavoring, sodium hexametaphosphate, dimethicone, paraffin liquidum. This is a far cry from the simple: mint dentifrice, lime and glycerine listed on the Magellan's site! I'm allergic to Mannitol...and would not have ordered this product had I known ALL the ingredients.
YES...I know I can return this. Magellan's has a 100% satisfaction guarantee ...but I have to buy the new packaging (my cost) and I have the inconvenience of returning the item. (I could understand if it was my error in sizing or just a poor product choice) This was not the case here.
Part of the draw of shopping on line is to avoid hassles...not create new ones. This is the second item I've had to return because of a 'Magellan' foul up in less than 2 weeks. The honeymoon is certainly over and we'll be widening our online travel shopping options from now on.

(Posted on 4/7/14)

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