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Magellan's Design

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Maximum security luggage locks.
ProLock Card Lock
ProLock Card Lock ProLock Card Lock

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Magellan's design. We've upgraded our TSA-accepted key card luggage locks to give you added security and peace of mind. Made with 1.5mm braided steel cable encased in flexible yet sturdy PVC, they attach securely to your luggage and cannot be cut with scissors or most other cutting tools. All three locks open with one key card, which comes in two convenient sizes for your wallet and keychain. Includes three locks and two key cards. (3 x 1½"; 1 oz)

More Information

This TSA-accepted luggage locking system allows you to open 3 locks with just one key card. There's no combination to remember or tiny keys to keep track of. Set includes 3 cable locks and 2 key cards - one key card is credit card-sized, and the other is keychain-sized.

Product Features:
  • Set of three cable/card locks and two key cards per order
  • TSA-accepted luggage locking system allows you to open 3 locks with just one key card
  • Perfect for families with multiple bags
  • No combinations to remember or tiny keys to keep track of
  • Includes one credit card-sized key card and a compact keychain mini card
Size: 3 x 1 1/2" (cable lock)
Weight: 1 oz
Materials: Metal

Customer Reviews

Safe and sound... - Review by

I haven't gotten to use these through TSA yet but if when the time comes and TSA can check my luggage without me going back and unlocking for them this is awesome. Still I spent alot of money and had to pay for shipping again.

(Posted on 10/17/12)
Very cute, but NOT RELIABLE. - Review by

I was in love with the looks of these little locks, and we used three on an international trip. Upon arriving at our destination, one of the plastic credit card keys broke -- it cracked through one of the circles. Okay, so I still had 3 other keys (each card has two key areas). Then, getting ready to return to the U.S., one of the locks wouldn't lock properly. We fussed with it for a while and finally got it locked. Then, when we were back in the U.S., that same lock would not unlock at all. We had to go to a hardware store and spend $15 for bolt-cutters to remove the lock. I will be returning all of these locks. What if the lock had been un-openable in a foreign country??? How lucky was I that it didn't jam until we were back home!

(Posted on 8/19/12)
Great locks - Review by

Love the locks. Took a few minutes the first time to figure out the key card locking style - practiced before went on trip. No problems on international trip.

(Posted on 3/24/12)

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ProLock Card Lock

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