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How do you cope with jet lag?

Since 1990, thousands of long distance travelers have depended on this surprisingly effective homeopathic product that addresses all the symptoms of jet lag, not just sleeplessness. Each packet contains 32 pleasant-tasting, chewable tablets, sufficient for about 50 hours of flying time. It's safe for all ages, does not interact with medications, and has no side effects. Made in New Zealand. (1 oz)

Customer Reviews

Helpful - Review by

On our last trip to Eastern Europe, from the West Coast, we took the tablets as described. We didn't find that they helped our sleep cycle, i.e., we still had some trouble getting on the new time zone, but the tablets did seem to significantly help us feel more alert and less groggy than usual and that's a big deal when you want to hit the road running. We are going to Germany this summer and plan to take the tablets again but per a previous reviewer we're going to increase the dosage a bit and see if that helps getting acclimated to the new sleep cycle.

(Posted on 4/22/14)
Has Worked for 20 Years for Me! - Review by

My husband and I have used No-Jet-Lag Pills for ~20yrs with excellent results. They don't work for everyone, but when they do work, they make such a huge difference in one's travel experience that I would strongly recommend that you give them a try. We have found them effective whether traveling from East to West Coast (3-hr time difference) or to the UK/Europe/Africa (5-7hr difference) or to Asia/New Zealand (10-16 hr difference). They don't get rid of sleep deprivation, but our heads/bodies are in right time zone almost as soon as we land and that means we aren't plagued first few days with awakening at odd hours. If fortunate enough to get 4hrs sleep on plane and arrive at destination in morning, we hit ground running without taking nap, usually staying up until ~9pm. Even if we aren't able to sleep on plane, usually put in at least half day touring before going to bed early and sleeping for 8-10 hours or longer first night. Have recommended No-Jet-Lag Pills so often I'm accused of owning stock in company that makes them. I wish I did!!

(Posted on 4/14/14)

I fly to Europe several times per year and really suffer with jet lag. I'm usually not feeling myself until I've been there a full week. I tried No Jet Lag at the recommended dose and felt a bit better. Then, I read an interview with a fashion designer and he said he popped No Jet Lag like tic-tacs on his flights. On my next flight I ate probably 3-4 times the suggested amount and it worked perfectly, although I'd forgotten I'd taken them until I stopped to wonder why I wasn't feeling exhausted, miserable, and jittery like I usually do. I don't travel without them anymore.
Also, they taste great.

(Posted on 4/3/14)
No luck - Review by

I'm glad to see that this works for some people, but not for me. I usually grab a nap after taking a bus tour of wherever I am, and that seems to work for me...better than the pills. I'm glad for everyone to give it a try, but don't expect miracles. jw

(Posted on 3/26/14)
This really works! - Review by

I have used these for several years for travel to Europe, China, Thailand and more. My husband and I find we arrive very nearly prepared for our new time zone, and are able to sleep on the new schedule. They were really great when we arrived in China after 30 hours of travel and were expected to participate immediately in a working dinner. We were alert and functional with this product, which was not the case on earlier trips before we discovered No-jet-lag

(Posted on 12/12/13)
No Jet Lag works! - Review by

Used this when traveling overseas. What a difference it made! I was ready to adjust to the new time zone (+6 hours) and got a good night's sleep the very first night. Ready to go-Go-GO the next morning. Time to order more for the next trip. Highly recommend!

(Posted on 12/10/13)

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