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Protect that special bottle of wine or spirits en route. Pack it in our reusable Bottle Armor.
Magellan's Bottle Armor 2-Pack
Magellan's Bottle Armor 2-Pack Bottle Armor with Foil Cutter Bottle Armor with Foil Cutter Bottle Armor with Foil Cutter

Magellan's exclusive. Made of durable leak-proof nylon lined with a layer of protective padding, Bottle Armor protects bottles in your checked luggage, cushioning them from the bumps and bruises of travel. Features include a see-through window, two extra-strength zip-top seals and a Velcro fold-over flap to prevent leaks should breakage occur. It even includes a foil cutter corkscrew that stores conveniently in a pocket on the back. Two per order. (19¼ x 7")

More Information

Protect wine bottles from the rigors of travel with our Bottle Armor. An interior layer of bubble wrap provides protective padding and two interior "zippers" prevent wine from leaking into your suitcase should rough handling lead to breakage. A foil cutter corkscrew is also included for your convenience.

   Product Features:

  • The go-anywhere, ship-anywhere bottle enclosure with the leak-proof seal
  • Made of a tough, flexible and durable bubble-wrap plastic with sealed seams all around
  • A dual-strip sealing system provides a leak-proof lock against liquid loss in the event of breakage
  • Helps to protect bottles of wine or spirits packed in your luggage when you travel
  • Clear window allows TSA to see bottle
  • Double zip closure with Velcro fastening
  • Includes a foil cutter corkscrew
  • Corkscrew stores conveniently in a pocket on the back
Size: 19¼ x 7"; Foil Cutter Corkscrew - 5½ x 1¼ x ½"
Weight: 2 oz; Foil Cutter Corkscrew: 3 oz
Materials: PVC and plastic bubble wrap

Customer Reviews

Works exactly as advertised! - Review by

Thank you, Magellan, for this marvelous wine pack. My husband and I brought 4 bottles of wine on a trip to Mexico with success. The product is easy to use and easy to pack. Buy with confidence!

P.S. On the same trip bought an Aqua Quest dry sack from another vendor. No protection whatsoever. My iPhone got soaked and rendered useless.

(Posted on 11/3/13)
JUST A TIP - Review by

If it is difficult to remove the bottle from the Armor, find one of those thin plastic bags like the ones for wet umbrellas. Put the bottle into the thin plastic sleeve and slip it into the Armor. It's now easy to remove bottle. My husband's invention! We're pleased with the product and with Magellan's excellent service.

(Posted on 6/1/13)
disappointing performance - Review by

I used two of these last summer to cushion a couple bottles of German wine in my luggage. One did fine, but the other did not. The bottle not only broke, it leaked and soaked the clothing surrounding it. Removing red wine stains from pastel clothing is difficult, time-consuming, and not always entirely successful. Besides that, this was a very special regional wine that is not exported, so it was an extremely disappointing loss.

(Posted on 11/16/12)
bottle armor - Review by

bottle armor These worked well. I felt I didn't have to worry about my wine bottle breaking while on vacation and if by chance they did the liquid would be contained in the packaging.

(Posted on 10/17/12)
Excellent Product - Review by

Great way to safeguard wine bottles during airline travel. Unfortunately the bubble wrap liner is a bit thin and we ended up wrapping extra bubble wrap around the bottles, however the bottles stayed intact. We were thrilled to be able to travel with the wine bottles and now we know that this bottle armor works and we do not have to worry about breaks or leaks in the future when traveling with wine bottles.

(Posted on 7/7/12)
Ready to use our wine protectors - Review by

Going on a cruise next week. wanting to start collecting wine from ports we visit. Got these protectors to protect our purchases

(Posted on 4/26/12)
Bubbly made the trip! - Review by

Knowing that TSA and the airline baggage handlers are not known to be the gentlest people in the world, I was delighted when both my wine and champagne arrived intact! It took a little ingenuity to get the bottles OUT of the bags (I shook them upside down out onto the floor), but other than that the bags were great. I will certainly be using them with confidence on future trips.

(Posted on 3/22/12)
These are a boon to wine lovers! - Review by

The bottle armor is amazing. Once you get the hang of the double zip (make sure to close both) they are literally leak proof. No more worrying about them breaking in my luggage and damaging my clothes. Plus, I've never had them break! I love them so much, I'm buying two more so I can use them in my suitcase and my husband's! Great product!

(Posted on 2/2/12)
Works as advertised - Review by

I bought a pair of these for myself and another as a gift. The gift receipient packed a flask in one for a flight. The flask leaked a bit and the liquor stayed in the bag. He rinsed the bag out, let it air dry, and it's good to go. The bags are large enough to fit a standard shape liter bottle. It is snug and needs to be removed carefully, but it fits. I didn't mark these as excellent because I wonder how the bubble wrap liner will hold up over time.

(Posted on 1/19/12)
Carole - Review by

I made this purchase for a gift to a wine lover, she took it on a trip a few days later. She loved it and her son was also impressed.

(Posted on 1/5/12)
Bottle Openers Missing - Review by

The packaging for the Bottle Armor was great, but only half of my order came with the bottle openers, so that was a disappointment.

(Posted on 10/18/11)
It's works - Review by

Carried a bottle of Chardonnay in my checked suitcase, and it made it to the destination just fine (and still cool). The only problem w/this item is that the zipper lock system is so snug that it's hard to get it closed & also hard to get it open. One needs strong thumbs. This snugness is a slight problem, but it also gives much security.

(Posted on 9/22/11)

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Magellan's Bottle Armor 2-Pack

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