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"If you must sleep sitting up, good head and neck support is vital."
Inflatable Komfort Kollar®
Inflatable Komfort Kollar® Inflatable Komfort Kollar®

Dr. Melvin Cheatham developed Komfort Kollar® for those of us who struggle to sleep while sitting up in our coach seats on those flights that seem to go on forever. (When we do manage to sleep, we often wake up with a painfully stiff neck.) His specially-designed, easy-to-inflate Komfort Kollar® supports your cervical spine from every angle (including under your chin!) and brings comfort you never experienced with other pillows. Deflates and stows in pocket-sized pouch. (7 oz)

More Information Aren't these the same pillows people wear after a car accident?

No. They may bear a small resemblance, but these are fundamentally different from cervical pillows that physicians prescribe to immobilize a patient's neck. In stark contrast, the Komfort Kollar® is designed to give you freedom of movement as you sleep while preventing your neck from flexing at angles that will cause muscle strain and the all too familiar "crick-in-the-neck." The Komfort Kollar® is not a medical product. It is a comfort product.

It looks constricting to me. Is it?

Actually, the Komfort Kollar® is designed to be relatively loose around your neck, and choosing the right size is key to finding the right fit. When the Wall St. Journal's travel writers tested it themselves, they reported, "your neck will thank you." When worn properly, the inflatable model gently cradles your head, and the foam model cushions your head even more.

How can I be sure which size is right for me?

The first step in determining your size is to take your neck measurement using a measuring tape. Our two models have slightly different sizing because one is filled with air while the other is filled with foam. Both models have an adjustable velcro strap that allows you to wear your Kollar as snugly or as loosely as it suits you. If you order a Kollar that ends up being the wrong size, simply send it back and we will gladly send you the next size up or down.

Should I choose the inflatable or the memory-foam model?

This depends on where you plan to sleep in it, as well as your packing needs. The Wall St. Journal stated, "our tester claimed he could nap fairly well without any added support. Plus, it deflates to save space."

Our memory-foam model is not as compact, but it is far more soft and supportive than the inflatable. When packed, the foam model takes up about as much space as a shoe in your luggage between flights, and it easily secures around the shoulder strap of your carry-on. Generally, the inflatable is good for air travel, while the foam model is good for all travel, especially road trips, train trips, and afternoon naps in your favorite chair.

I've been disappointed by other pillows. How is this any different?

Cheap pillows don't offer you better sleep, they just cost less. What makes the Komfort Kollar® worth the extra cost is its 360 degrees of support that gently cradles your head the way a top spine surgeon knows it should. Furthermore, the Kollar has been strengthed at key stress points to stand up to repeated use from one trip to the next. The Komfort Kollar also comes with a protective envelope-shaped PVC pouch.

Do both models come with washable fabric covers?

No. Only the foam model currently ships with a washable fabric cover. The inflatable model's soft "flocked" PVC material is washable too.

How much air should I blow into the inflatable Kollar?

Filling the inflatable 100% tends to make it too firm. Therefore, we recommend blowing it up 90% to 95% so that it feels more like your favorite pillow at home. We find that people naturally doze with their head tilted to one side or the other, as opposed to straight ahead. Having the Kollar filled 90% to 95% helps your head find its natural snoozing angle.

Is there too much cushion behind my head? Will it push my head forward?

Both models have been tapered at the back to prevent your head from being pushed forward.

How does the Kollar feel against the skin?

The inflatable model's flocked PVC material is designed for long, soft and cool wear against the skin. The memory-foam model is a super-soft, 80% cotton velour that helps dissipate heat from long hours of wear.

Is the memory-foam model heavy on the shoulders?

No. We spent 18 months developing just the right consistency of foam to be soft on the neck and shoulders, yet firm enough to support your head and neck.

I have an eldery mother who sleeps sitting up. Would this be good for her?

The memory-foam model was expressly designed to help those who fall asleep sitting up, whether they're a teenager being driven to college or a senior napping in a retirement community. Both stand at equal risk of waking to a "crick" in the neck, but while teenagers are more resilient, seniors demand and deserve a higher quality of life, free from pain and discomfort.
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 Neck Size
M14½ to 16½ 
L17 and over 

Customer Reviews

Ryan - Review by

this neck support pillow is terrific. used it for air travel, passenger in car travel or sleeping at hospital while sitting in chair overnight with parents it saved us!! not that easy to inflate or deflate but it's worth it. totally keeps your neck from any pain at all.

(Posted on 3/22/14)
Very comfortable for air travel - Review by

I really like this collar. Having neck issues if my head falls to the side, this kept my head stable so that I could comfortably sleep without waking up with a crick in my neck. I've had two already. What is important to know is that you must get the right size.
My only complaint is that I have had two of them. One got a hole in it and the second I left on the plane by accident after one use. I go on long flights around the world so this one is a must have. Hope you never discontinue it. Thanks

(Posted on 3/22/14)
Mr. - Review by

This is a terrible product. It is cheaply made, or appears to be cheaply made, has rough and sharpish edges that gouge the skin, has a rough finish which itches my neck. It's expensive for what you get...and you don't get what you want. It seems that I received the bladder or inner portion of the pillow and not the outer part that is next to the skin. Very difficult to inflate.

(Posted on 1/31/14)

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Inflatable Komfort Kollar®

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