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Ergonomic Heys USA eScale conforms to your hand for easier lifting.
Heys USA eScale

Shaped like a handle, this digital luggage scale is comfortable to grip with one hand or two, and the backlit digital read-out displays the weight in pounds or kilograms. Weighs luggage up to 100 lb or 50 kg. Batteries included.

More Information

Never pay overweight fees again. The eScale, with a comfortable ergonomic design, is simple to use, and has a easy-to-read digital display with blue backlighting. You can switch weight units from pound to kilograms, and the automatic hold feature locks in the weight and allows you to set down the luggage for a more comfortable reading.

Product Features:

  • Easy-to-read digital display with blue backlighting
  • Ergonomic design small enough to carry with you to avoid airline overweight charges
  • Lb/Kg change and reset - can switch between pounds and kilograms
  • Automatic hold feature - a red light will indicate when measurement is complete, allowing you to set the scale down for more comfortable reading
  • Capacity is 100 lb or 50 kilograms
  • Uses 2 CR 2032 batteries

Size: 6 x 1-1/4 x 2"; 6 x 1-1/4 x 8" with strap extended

Weight: 4 oz

Materials: Plastic, LCD

Customer Reviews

Saves extra charges - Review by

Just used it on last trip and it weighed luggage a few pounds higher than the airlines so we were safe from paying extra.

(Posted on 10/19/11)
Must have scale for travel - Review by

After a recent cruise with many family members, I had to buy them all one. I am lucky I made it home with my scale. Great product.

(Posted on 9/29/11)
A great Little Unit. - Review by

This Hey's luggage scale works great. It weighs almost nothing, is easy to lift and easy to read, and the operation of it is simple, hoever I notice that the catalogue you sent with my order doesn't have it in there anymore, I assume the metal hook makes it not good to carry in carry on luggage. That being said, just tuck it in your suitcase

(Posted on 3/17/11)
Heys e-Scale - Review by

Wonderfully accurate! We arrived at the baggage check-in at exactly the correct weight and saved a $75 overweight charge - several times the cost of the scale. Everyone should have one.

(Posted on 2/24/11)
Love the e-Scale! - Review by

I purchased the e-Scale after seeing an ad for it. We just went on a 2-week vacation, flying from Michigan to visit the southwest. The e-Scale works great! We used it before we left home and knew that we were well under the maximum weight for each bag. When it was time for the return flight (after sightseeing and souvenir-buying), we were a little concerned. We weighed the luggage while we were still in our hotel room, preparing to take things out and put in our carry on. The each weighed just a hair over 49 lbs. When they were weighed at the airport, the weight was the same. Excellent product!

(Posted on 11/13/10)
Accurate and easy to use - Review by

I have found this eScale very helpful. My wife always buys things when we travel so it is very reassuring to know I will not be overweight with one of my suitcases.The eScale is simple to use and very accurate. I would recommend it to anyone who travels.

(Posted on 8/12/10)
ecale review - Review by

It's quick and portable. I primarily bought it to weight my backpack for overnight camping. It's quick, portable and easy to use.

(Posted on 7/23/10)
Stress reducer - Review by

Twice now, at check in, we have needed to pull luggage off the weight machine and repack - one was overweight. That would be mine. My husband thinks that I think packing light means leaving the dresser at home. My own annoyance, to say nothing of his, or the passengers waiting in line behind us, created another level of angst in the world of travel today. Having the eScale relieves the luggage uncertainty. I travel nowhere without it.

(Posted on 7/21/10)
Follow-up Comments after reading other reviews - Review by

After reading about 1 reviewer having trouble with the lb-kg switch I almost didn't order my eScale. The eScale works perfectly. I can weigh in lbs then change the weight displayed to kgs and back to lbs if I needed. Hold the button for 2-3 seconds to change from lbs to kgs. If you simply press and release the button, it resets the display to "O". Has 60 sec auto-shutoff feature as well. Very solid and well made.

(Posted on 7/5/10)
Luggage scale - terrific - Review by

In January, I took my wife to the airport. Her luggage was 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) overweight. She couldn't leave anything behind, so it cost me $150 in extra luggage fees. With this little device, I'll never face charges like that again. Well worth the money!

(Posted on 3/12/10)
eScale - Choose a Different One - Review by

The dissapointment I have with this particularly luggage eScale is that swithching back and forth between lbs and kgs is extremely frustrating and tempermental. Since I travel back and forth between the States & Europe, this function is important to me. If all you need is a scale that will tell you lbs, then this eScale is fine. If you need to know both lbs and kgs, then look for a different one.

(Posted on 2/11/10)
eScale - Review by

This scale is accurate and compact with no added gizmos.. The sliding off/on switch prevents accidentally running down the battery, and the grip makes it easy to use.

(Posted on 2/3/10)
Good value and features - Review by

I purchased 2 of these as gifts and then wanted one for myself. It is a great scale and I can't wait to travel to use it. I have already used it to estimate shipping a poster in a tube, but I am sure it will come in handy for its true intended purchase; keeping me from overloading my baggage and saving embarrassment or a surprise expense at the airport.

(Posted on 1/10/10)
The most important point is accuracy - Review by

The scale is easy to use and accurate. No extra charges at the airport.Our older model with the dial was much harder to use and unreliable. Digital is the way to go. Well worth the cost.

(Posted on 12/30/09)
light, easy - Review by

This item is much more lightweight than it looks. Easy to use and read. I like the on/off switch versus buttons, which can be turned on while in the luggage. Already have another type, but this one will likely be the one that travels with me.

(Posted on 12/9/09)

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Heys USA eScale

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