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Heavy-Duty Transformer 300 Watt Item #EA901::

Heavy-Duty Transformers for heavy-duty use.
Heavy-Duty Transformer 300 Watt

If your appliance approaches 300 watts of power OR if it will be used for long periods at a time, you will need to bring along a heavy-duty transformer to operate it on the overseas electricity (220-250 volts). Heavy Duty transformers accept North American three-prong (grounding) plugs, and can ground your appliance in most countries (with the help of an additional adaptor plug, if necessary).

Type: Step-down (220/250V > 120V)
Rating: 300W
Accepts grounded A pattern plugs
Fits grounded C pattern sockets

Please Note: We do not recommend using voltage converters with flat irons, as the flat iron may be damaged. A better solution is to invest in a dual voltage flat iron. These can be used anywhere with the right adaptor plugs and allow you to save weight and space in your luggage.

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Heavy-Duty Transformer 300 Watt

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