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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is my credit card and address information secure?

    Yes. We encrypt all personal information such as your credit card number when you transmit data to our Web site and when we transmit data to you. We use SSL security. When your web browser is using SSL security, you will notice a solid key or closed padlock at the bottom right corner of the page. When the page is not secure, the key icon appears fragmented and/or the padlock appears open.

Returns & Exchanges

  1. How do I return something?

    Click on the Returns & Exchanges link under our Customer Service section for detailed information.


  1. Did you receive my order?

    When you submit an order, you will receive an email confirmation within moments of your submitting it. If you don't receive this, or aren't sure your order went through, send email to with your order information. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Or, call toll free, 800-962-4943 (805-568-5400 international).

  2. I want to change my order, who do I contact?

    If you need to change your order, send email to with your order information, what the order consisted of and how you want your order changed. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Or, call toll free, 800-962-4943 (805-568-5400 international).

  3. I'm trying to place my order, and I've forgotten my password. How can I get my password sent to me?

    Under the My Account section you will need to follow the Forgot Password link and answer a security question (ex: What is your mother's maiden name?) and your password will be sent to you via e-mail.

  4. I'm using Safari for OS X and cannot complete checkout because all of the buttons have been replaced by blue boxes containing question marks. What do I do?

    A small percentage of our customers using Apple computers have reported an issue during site checkout where they see a number of blue boxes containing question marks instead of the expected "Continue" and similar buttons.

    This issue does not relate to support for Apple computers or the Safari web browser. Our site fully supports both, and the vast majority of our Apple / Safari customers have no problems using our website.

    Instead, this issue is almost certainly related to a corrupted preferences file or other misconfiguration on the user's machine. While Magellan's cannot provide our customers with technical support for their computers, we can suggest the following steps which should fix the problem. Please note that should you attempt these fixes yourself, be sure to first backup any important files, bookmarks, and similar before proceeding.

    Alternatively, you are welcome to place your order via telephone at 800-962-4943 (805-568-5400 for international orders).

    1. Clear Safari's cache:
      1. Open Safari
      2. From the Safari menu, choose Empty Cache (Safari > Empty Cache)
      3. In the dialog that appears, click on Empty
      4. Visit the site again
    2. Delete the Safari preferences file.
      1. Close Safari
      2. In Finder, browse to Home/Library/Preferences/
      3. Drag the file to the Trash
      4. Restart Safari and return to the site again
    3. Run Keychain FirstAid (or Keychain Repair if on pre-10.6 version of OS X).
      1. Open Keychain Access, located in Applications > Utilities
      2. Choose Keychain Access > Keychain First Aid
      3. Enter your user name and password
      4. Select Verify and click Start. Any problems found will be displayed
      5. If there are problems found, select Repair, and then click Start
      6. Try visiting the site again
    4. Upgrade, and/or delete and re-install Safari. The latest version of Sarari can be found here:
    5. Try visiting the site with the Firefox web browser. You can download Firefox for free here:
  5. What are your shipping costs, and how long does it take?

    Shipping rates and transit times vary depending on your location. Please visit our Shipping Information page.

  6. When I attempt to checkout, the website states that it does not recognize my e-mail address. What does that mean?

    Though we may have your e-mail address on file, unless you have created an account on our website, the website will not recognize your information. To place your order, simply select the items you would like, then click "Shopping Bag" in the top right corner, and then "Checkout." The next screen will give you two options: "Returning Customer" and "New Customer Registration." You will need to select the latter, and enter your information. You will be asked to select a password for yourself, which you can use to place your next online order. If you need help, please do not hesistate to contact our Customer Service team for assistance

  7. When I click "Shopping Bag" all of the items I have added to my cart disappear. What happened?

    Do you have cookies enabled in your web browser? Cookies need to be enabled in order for your cart contents to be available during checkout. Normally cookie preferences can be found in the "Internet Options" or "Privacy" menus of your web browser. If you continue to have difficulty, please do not hesistate to contact our Customer Service team for assistance

  8. When I enter my e-mail address under "Forgot Password." It says that my e-mail address is not in your database. What does that mean?

    This means we were unable to find the email address you specified in our membership database. This may mean that you have not yet created a member account on our website, or it may mean that you are attempting to sign into your account with a different email address than the one you signed up with.

    If you do not already have an account, you can click "Login/Register" at the top right of the site to create an account, or you can choose to create one during order checkout.

    If you are confident you have already created an account, but are still having trouble logging in, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

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