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Other Travelers' Experiences in England

"I went in 2005 and found that the UK is every bit as modern as the US. The shoe bags were a must. I made travel sizes of my own toiletries. A bag that hangs from the bathroom door is also great (included in my suitcase). Another must product which I've recommended is the shower slippers which I've used here in the US as well as in the UK. Other recommended items are an across-the-body purse, security wallets for neck and waist (a must), smaller/thinner wallets for cash and coins. I will be getting a door alarm and bendable hangers for my return trip next year. And perhaps other items for doing personal laundry. Wore jeans for the most part last time; have purchased lightweight, wrinkle-free clothes for the next trip as I'll be going in August rather than May. Had only one pair of shoes last time; will add sandles for dress this trip so will need another pair of shoe bags. Also want to get the little bag that opens up later for additional things; did pack a tote bage for everyday use; also a book to read on the plane back. Had to buy a small suitcase in Edinburgh for woolens purchased. Had hired a car last time, but will save my money and travel by public transportation next year. Can't wait to return and see more and different sights (and take more pictures)."

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