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Hong Kong

Hong Kong See China (Hong Kong Region)

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Other Travelers' Experiences in Hong Kong

"I live in Hong Kong and there is a lot to see and do here besides shopping. Since the handover in 1997, it seems that less of the local residents speak english and speak more mandarin than before. But public transport is excellent. Would advise travellers to purchase an 'Octopus Card' at the airport that can be used for trains, buses, mini buses, ferries, 7-Elevens, supermarkets, etc. This would avoid wasting time looking for loose change to pay for fares or purchases. Just need to put a small deposit down that can be refunded at the airport when you leave Hong Kong and can be topped off at many locations and outlets. Just scan card at any check out or entry point of public transport. No need to take out of wallet! It's fantastic!"

"My husband and I visited Hong Kong in September 2007. It was a wonderful city and we had no problems at all with language. We purchased the Octopus card and found it to be great. Public transportation in Hong Kong is a great way to travel and it is so easy to use. We are going back this year with our son and grandchildren and will be purchasing the Octopus card again. It is the best way to get around in Hong Kong without having to worry about having the correct change. Just scan the card and off you go. It is also a wonderful city to take children to visit."
- Karen , La Mesa, CA,

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