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Bendable Comfort-Flex Pillow adjusts to any shape for customized support.
Comfort-Flex Pillow
Comfort-Flex Pillow Comfort-Flex Pillow Comfort-Flex Pillow

Here's a clever pillow that does the work of several. Completely flexible, you can wrap it around your neck, slide it behind you for lumbar support, or scrunch it under your knees to relieve strain on your lower back. Made of lightweight memory foam, its flexible design and generous 30" length let you put cushioning right where you need it most, and it rolls up into a tight coil for easy packing. The most versatile travel pillow we've come across! (Open: 32 x 4 x 2"; 11 oz)

Care Instructions Spot Clean With Mild Soap On A Cloth
Air Dry Completely Before Use
More Information

The adjustable memory foam Neck Comfort Pillow contours to the space between the neck and chair to provide superior comfort and support. It rolls up to a fraction of its natural size for easy "on the go" storage.

Product Features:
  • Ideal for use on planes, trains, autos, office or home
  • Creates several different shapes that can be adjusted to desired position
  • Provides support to your head and neck
  • Cradle and collar shapes help hold your head in place while sleeping
  • Soft nylon fabric feels great against the skin
  • Stores easily in travel bags, computer bags, purses and even fits in coat pockets
Size: Open: 32 x 4 x 2"; Rolled up for storage: 4-3/4 x 5-1/2" in diameter; Inside circumference: 25"
Weight: 11 oz
Made In: USA
Materials: Memory Foam, Nylon, Polyester, Nylon Jersey

Customer Reviews

Husband Wished He Had One, Too - Review by

My poor husband (who did not want me to buy a travel pillow for him), looked so envious during our flights to and from Italy. My neck was so snug and comfortable, and paired with my sleep mask, I slept just fine; while my dear hubby-honey remained horribly uncomfortable with a bent neck and no sleep. He ended up asking to borrow MY pillow. Silly man. I've decided to surprise him with his own pillow for our upcoming trip to England. :-)

If I was absolutely forced to include a possible negative, it would have to be that the neck pillow gets just a tad warm. But that's it. Otherwise, LOVE it.

(Posted on 9/7/13)
Good but a bit soft - Review by

I have traveled with the usual inflatable pillows for years and then upgraded to the Luxe travel pillow, also offered by Magellan's. While I really liked the Luxe, the two negatives with it were that it left the front open for the head to fall forward a bit too much, and that it is a pain to pack, essentially taking up all the space in any tote. When the Comfort-Flex was offered, I ordered it and recently used it for the first time on a 4-hr. flight. Here are my comments: I love how the Comfort Flex can be rolled up tightly, what an advantage over the Luxe - I now have space in my carry-on tote to boot. I also like that it does support the chin and generally keeps the head more upright. However, I feel that the Comfort Flex is just a tad bit soft. It feels cuddly and helps me to fall asleep because it gives me the feeling of being in my own cocoon, but my head is not supported quite as well as it is with the Luxe. I had two spinal surgeries in the past and it is essential for me to keep my head in an aligned position when sleeping. I am not sure that I trust the Comfort Flex to deliver perfectly on this requirement. In order to get the support I need from it, I would have to close it very tightly around my neck, causing it to feel too warm and restricting. So - this maybe the perfect pillow for people with no serious neck troubles and/or on shorter flights but not sure that I would trust my neck to this on a long-haul international flight.

(Posted on 7/17/12)
Finally slept on the plane! - Review by

Tried them all from inflatable to buckwheat hulls. This is the best! Even with my short neck; tucked my chin and fell asleep. My traveling companions make fun of my blanket, earplugs, and now this pillow but I am warm, comfy, and not bothered by the cabin noise! Even used while watching 3 movies during the flight to Tokyo. Also folded in half and used for lower back during meal service. Worth it!

(Posted on 7/1/12)
Wonderful Travel Pillow - Review by

I was dreading the 13 hour flight to China, because I knew I would be too uncomfortable to sleep. I have an old whiplash neck injury and it really bothers me if my head tilts to one side while trying to sleep sitting up. Luckily, my inflatable pillow wasn't holding air, so I searched for something better. This neck pillow is so much better than anything else I've used. It kept my neck firmly, yet comfortably straight and upright, so I could sleep. It supported my chin, so my mouth didn't fall open and get dried out. I just couldn't be more pleased with it. It wraps up compactly. I think it would be a good lumbar support, although I haven't used it that way. I highly recommend this pillow for any time you need to sleep sitting or reclining.

(Posted on 4/19/12)

I love my travel pillow. It allowed me to sleep sitting up very comfortably. However ... I found that if I turned it around and basically, closed it in the back ... it worked much better for me ... with my long neck and tendency for my head to fall forward. HOWEVER ... my Sweetie said his neck is too short for this pillow. Frankly ... I think he didn't give it a real try on the plane trip. His loss. Meanwhile ... I now sleep with the pillow ... stretched out ... under my neck ... it is GREAT as a cervical pillow and cheaper than what the chiropractor sells. I also discovered the little zipper and will be able to wash just the cover. I love it and am looking forward to finding even more uses for my new pillow. The one rejected by my Sweetie will be given to somebody special as a gift.

(Posted on 9/29/11)
Worked Very Well - Review by

I used this pillow on a recent trip to Asia and back. Worked very well, and gives you a variety of ways to use it; from a full wrap-around the neck pillow, to a more regular pillow with side support only, to a back support. I have used just about every type of travel pillow out there including the Komfort Kollar, and this one is the best. Roll it up tight and Velcro it together to save space.

(Posted on 9/20/11)
Great pillow - Review by

I've used a few travel pillows but recently I decided to get one for my daily commute on the bus. I have neck problems from bone spurs in my neck and so without good support I can get neck pain and at times severe neck spasms that last for days and make it impossible for me to drive. I had been having problems sleeping on the bus (need the extra sleep due to a new baby) and was hoping to solve that. This pillow is comfortable and makes it very, very easy for me to fall asleep going to work and from work every day - it's been a lifesaver and worth every penny I paid. However I don't wrap the pillow around me, I use it flat with a space for my neck (you'll see in the directions how to do this). As a wrap around it's not as good for support and for that I prefer my inflatable comfort collar.

(Posted on 9/19/11)
support travel pillow - Review by

Used this thing solely as a lumbar role as I have back issues. Loved it; traveling by car all over Zambia it's just the thing I need. And it packs very compactly too. Love the options for shaping it to your need.

(Posted on 5/5/11)
Pete Said - Review by

I found the pillow just too wide for me to use around my neck, specifically under my chin. If the end of the pillow (where they connect) had a curved recesses of about 2 inches, I believe my chin would rest more comfortably on the pillow. It is a good pillow and well made and the issue is my unique needs and comfort.

(Posted on 12/8/10)
Good product - Review by

For the first time I was able to sleep comfortably on the plane. After 20+ hours of travel I can say that this product is worth getting. It was easy to roll up and store in my backpack, fit both my husband and I (we bought two of them) was flexible and comfortable. It made the flights to and from China bearable. Would recommend. My only concern is that the cover does not come off for cleaning in the future.

(Posted on 10/20/10)

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Comfort-Flex Pillow

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