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Combination Converter Item #EA238::

The Auto Combination Converter works for heating and non-heating appliances.
Combination Converter

The Auto Combination Converter combines the functions of the Transformer Converter and the Converter for Heating Appliances, automatically switching itself based on the appliance being used. For electronic appliances up to 50 Watts and heating appliances up to 2000 Watts. Made to USA. (16 oz)

Type: Step-down (220/250V > 120V)
Rating: Electronic 50W / Heating 2000W
Accepts A pattern plugs
Fits D pattern sockets

Please Note: We do not recommend using voltage converters with flat irons, as the flat iron may be damaged. A better solution is to invest in a dual voltage flat iron. These can be used anywhere with the right adaptor plugs and allow you to save weight and space in your luggage.

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Combination Converter

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