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Carabiner LED Light Item #SP199

Bright, ultra-compact LED pocket light attaches to your keychain.
Carabiner LED Light

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  • Black
  • Red

This multi-tasking light features a long-lasting LED bulb that provides for more than 10,000 hours of lifetime use. It also has three switch settings - low, medium and high beam. Includes detachable hat clip and two replaceable lithium batteries.

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Just under three inches long, you can clip the ultra-bright Impulse Carabiner LED to your keychain, zipper pull, or daybag for easy access anywhere.

Product Features:

  • Ultra bright LED bulb lasts more than 10,000 hours of lifetime use
  • Operates on two 2016 Coin Lithium Batteries that are good for approximately 36 hours of use
  • Three-way switch (high, mid, and low)
  • Detachable hat clip
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Carabiner attaches to a key chain, zipper pull or day bag
  • Hands free use

Size: 2 3/4 x 1 x 1/2"
Weight: 1 oz

Materials: Zytel, Stainless Steel, Coin Lithium Batteries

Customer Reviews

One Out of Two Simply Wouldn't Work - Review by

We ordered two, and received only one right away which worked perfectly.

The backordered one finally came and was packaged exactly the same as the first but did not work. We tried replacing the batteries, but it still did not fix the problem.

It's not worth the expense to return it to the states, so we are stuck with a broken light.

(Posted on 1/7/14)
many uses - Review by

These lights are amazing - I use the black ones when I am doing camera - they are attached to my sandles/shoes so that I have light if all the power goes off/ I use them when I usher for the people to be able to follow me/ I have red, blue and green as colour coded for each person in the family when we travel (we have about three each) - they are in our med cases, suitcases and my purses - one for each purse, so that I don't ever have to wonder if I took it out or not. LOVE THESE!!! Good for travel, daily use and speciality needs. Bright, easy to handle (and actually go through the wash and still work)

(Posted on 5/9/12)
Great light - Review by

I bought one of these for myself some time back and found it indispensible both on the road and for every day/night use. This year I bought one as a gift for someone who always complimented mine, and they like it as much as I do. You can get immediate and short term light by pressing and holding, or click again to make it stay on. It's sturdy, bright, and easy to find/use in the dark. I've tried several other types of keychain type lights, but this is by far the best and most dependable that I've used. Very pleased with this product and hope you continue to stock it in the various colors.

(Posted on 12/25/11)
A "must-have" for travel - Review by

Bought this light on a whim to take on a European trip. Clipped it to my purse. Was surprised both at how strong the light was and how many ways it came in handy. Even used it to illuminate information in dark museum. Plan to give them as Christmas presents.

(Posted on 11/1/11)
LED lights - Review by

I've had one of these for years and carry it on my purse. Friends laughed at me until they needed to borrow it to read in dim light. I bought it, originally, to use with my Mom as her vision decreased but now use it in the car to read maps, etc. I just bought several as gifts. They last years and work wonderfully.

(Posted on 10/20/11)
The Best Choice - Review by

There are probably of hundreds of cool, light-emitting gadgets for key chains. The Impulse Carabiner LED is the best. I have several of them. Simply the best.

(Posted on 9/24/11)
Keychain light - Review by

This little LED keychain light is the brightest, most compact and convenient light I've found to provide security and guidance especially when I come home to unlock the door during the early dark of winter... and just really great to have handy year round!

(Posted on 9/16/11)
Camping light - Review by

Very handy in the tent for my trip to Africa. No electricity for the tents so I really needed them.

(Posted on 2/24/11)
A high quality, bright, but pricey little light - Review by

This is a flexible, very useful little flashlight with several different settings. The carabiner makes it easy to keep conveniently at hand. The light is quite bright for its size. If you need a small light that will be reliably available, and price is no object, I predict you'll like this one.

(Posted on 10/28/10)
Great night light - Review by

I clip this into my handbag and it is easy to find when ever I need a light. I've used it on vacation to find a key hole in a poorly lighted area or to guide myself around a dark room looking for a light switch. Handy to use, small and works great.

(Posted on 8/25/10)
Great and always with you - Review by

These little lights are a must have item. Last year I took about ten with me as gifts to Europe and they were such a big hit. Recently I bought one for myself also and realize how useful they really are. Sadly they are not in your catalog and I really had to hunt to find them on your website.

(Posted on 6/2/10)
Eye-Aide - Review by

These delightful lights make it possible for me--with limited vision--to read the menu in any restaurant, no matter how "romantically" lit; entertain my cat with beams, flashes and reflections; and find my way in dark theaters and hotel rooms. I carry two, just in case. Would strongly recommend them to every traveler and anyone with limited eyesight.

(Posted on 4/28/10)
Handy Light - Review by

This light is a slim addition to my key chain that comes in handy when I forget to turn on my porch light. It is also convenient for seeing something in a dark car, theater, etc.

(Posted on 1/13/10)
The expense!! - Review by

I am very pleased with all the items I purchased - but having bought things from you in the past in Britain it was a hideous shock to be changed as much as I was for postage etc. from the US. I did not know you had closed down your British operation. i am not prepared to incur such enorous costs again and I should therefore be grateful if you would take me off your mailing list.

(Posted on 12/24/09)

I am a nurse working night shift and find this item indispensable for doing a myriad of tasks in the dark. I check IV sites, do neuro assessments, level ventriculostomies, and even draw labs! It hangs weightlessly from my badge so it is always there. I can not work without it.

(Posted on 5/13/09)

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Carabiner LED Light

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