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Healthy Flying Tips: Feel Great Upon Arrival and Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

Airplanes are breeding grounds for germs Airplanes are breeding grounds for germs

Traveling by plane is the safest and fastest means of travel. But arriving healthy can be quite another matter after a 13-hour plane ride.  Here are some simple healthy flying tips.

By their nature, airplane cabins rank at the top with daycare centers as places to get sick. Sitting in a confined space with a couple hundred other people from parts unknown and breathing dry, recirculated air for a few hours is risky business. Fortunately, there are several things you can do and products designed to increase your odds that you’ll arrive healthy at your destination.

Coffee and alcohol dehydrate your body Coffee and alcohol dehydrate your body

The healthier you start the better. Flying when you’re sick is no fun for you or the people traveling with you. Avoid it if you can. Healthy or not, eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated before and during your travel. High-altitude air is very dry and the air conditioning systems on planes can make it even worse. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks (alcohol and coffee dehydrate your body) and have handy skin lotion and lip balm (3 oz. or less, of course).

Exercise is good for you any time, but when you’re stuck on a plane for hours, it’s essential to keep your legs exercised. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a potentially life-threatening condition that can occur when blood circulation to your lower extremities is impeded and blood clots form. Get up and walk around when the fasten seatbelt sign is off. While seated, exercise your feet and calf muscles by raising and lowering your toes and heels to help blood flow.

Walk Forever Compression Socks Walk Forever Compression Socks

As an added precaution, take a look at Walk Forever Compression Socks and Magellan’s Women's Support Trouser Socks. They are just two of nine different types of compression footwear available from Check them out and you’re sure to find a style that’s right for you.

Flight Spray helps prevent viral infections while alleviating nasal dryness and cold miseries with a combination of turmeric root, spearmint and purified water.  The Tableware Instant Cleaner disinfects the tray table, arm rest, and your hands.  Carrying a small bottle of instant hand sanitizer saves trips to the restroom and is a TSA-approved, lightweight way to defend against unwanted bacteria.

You can keep yourself and your surroundings clean, comfortable, and organized no matter where your journey may take you with a little pre-planning and the help of Magellan’s. Visit and shop our wide variety of health and hygiene products, comfortable clothing, packing aids and security products to keep you safe, comfy, and healthy.

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