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  • Featured Post: Advantages of Small Group Adventure Travel

    Intrepid TravelWhen people hear the term Adventure Tours, many definitions and death defying images can come to mind. What people don’t realize is that this category of tourism has a very diverse definition. Long gone are the days when you had to make the choice between hiking to the top of Everest or retreating to an all-inclusive resort to eat and drink your way through your vacation. As travelers get more adventurous in their destinations (and more experienced at traveling) this new demand is being answered by tour operators. Welcome to small group adventure travel.


    Small group adventure travel is a style of travel that has been around for a while, but for many is still a new concept. Group travel doesn't mean you have to be in a herd of 40-100 people getting on and off the bus at all the usual tourist sites. In fact, it is the total opposite. It is an exciting way to explore a new country in a fun, safe, and organized way. These tours usually include accommodation, in-country transport, local guides, some food, and a choice of activities. They are built to stay flexible so that you can choose your activities and book them when you arrive. This kind of travel is not only affordable, it allows for the best part of travel - spontaneity. These tours are for everyone, there is no age requirement or limit. They also don’t discriminate against the solo traveler by charging a single supplement (although it is an option if that is what you prefer). Small group travel is for people that are flexible, adventurous, and looking to get off the beaten path. Continue reading

  • Featured: Lucerne, Switzerland - Where Medieval Meets the Modern

    Featured Post by Ron Stern, Magellan's Travel Contributor

    Andre Dumas called Lucerne, located in the geographical center of Switzerland, a pearl in the middle of the world’s most beautiful oyster. The town is nestled between the Alps and the Swiss Plateau right alongside the dark blue waters of Lake Lucerne. Local residents are quite proud of their lake that is enjoyed all year long and shared by paddle steamers, sailboats and water enthusiasts.

    Swiss Transport Museum

    Lucerne is also the home of the #1 attraction in the country, the Swiss Museum of Transport. From its dramatic entrance featuring Swiss transport museumhundreds of wheels to its many modes of transportation exhibits, it’s not hard to see why this attraction has such a huge appeal.

    The museum showcases the development of transportation through the years, including road, rail and water as well as air and space. There are over 3,000 objects to view with many interactive exhibits. Continue reading

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