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Pack These MUSTS For International Travel

Travel With Magellan's

When you travel far from the creature comforts of home, particularly international travel, the last thing you want to say is “I can’t believe I forgot the….” It may be tempting to over-pack to avoid forgetting something you find you need, but there’s a limit to what will weigh you down and what the airline will let you ship without additional cost. Magellan’s Top list of essential items to pack that will get you through your international travel successfully, without weighing you down.

The Long Road Ahead

International flights mean having to remain seated for long periods on various modes of transportation. That can lead to DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis which can be deadly. On the Go Compression Socks help maintain healthy circulation with their graduated, moderate compression (15-20mmHg) which energize leg muscles and help prevent swelling. The shock-absorbing, cushioned footbed keeps feet comfortable while moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technology keeps feet dry and odor-free.


The theories espoused to help people avoid jet lag range from regimented diets to timed lighting and melatonin. Since 1990, thousands of long-distance travelers have depended on No-Jet-Lag® to help them feel fresh upon arrival. The natural, homeopathic product addresses the symptoms of jet lag and not just the sleepiness. Each packet contains 32 chewable tablets that are pleasant-tasting and will get you through about 40 hours of flying time. It’s safe for all ages and won’t conflict with other medications. Free of side-effects, No-Jet-Lag® has a money back guarantee.

Pack it Up

When traveling in a foreign country, it’s helpful to have items that do double duty, such as our Eagle Creek Adventure 2-Wheeled Convertible Backpack. It’s luggage on wheels that you can roll thanks to a retractable handle, carry by hand or wear on your back with contoured shoulder straps, an adjustable padded hip belt and sternum strap. That kind of versatility comes in handy in all types of travel and terrain. The backpack is made of lightweight, durable rip-stop and ballistic nylon with padded top and side handles and has 2500 cubic inches capacity.

Make packing that backpack, or any luggage, even easier with the Pack-It® Compression Sac Set. Three compression sacs (small, medium, and large) get you up to 80% more packing space. Segregate the dirty or wet from the clean. Or bring that extra item you really didn’t want to have to leave at home, including a favorite pillow. Place your bulky items inside a compressor sac and roll the excess air out, thanks to a patented one-way pressure valve and zip closure at the top.

Sweeter Dreams

Silk Dreamsack Extra Wide

The bed you’re about to sleep in looks okay. But what about what you can’t see? Slip off to dreamland with confidence and comfort with the Silk Dreamsack Extra Wide. The silk keeps you cool and dry in hot weather and warm in colder temperatures. It even has a built-in pocket for a pillow and side opening that closes with tab fasteners. It stuffs into its own 8 x 4 x 1" pouch. This is one luxurious necessity you can’t afford not to pack. Machine washable and quick-drying, the extra wide size gives you more wriggle room at 93” x 42”.

Hang Onto Your Money

Important documents and cards safe in the process with our Undercover Money Belt. Slim, secure and convenient, strap the case comfortably around your waist…it has an elasticized waist belt. Easily access compartments for passport (fits international passports as well), currency, travelers checks, and credit cards. SoftSeam™ construction and a soft, quick-drying Comfort Zone™ liner get rave reviews from men and women.

Helpful Extras

Magellan's World Time Alarm Clock is another must-have when travelling through different time zones. Want to know what time it is in Athens, Rio or Denver? Just turn a knob. Multi-task too with the calendar, digital thermometer, 72 dB alarm, and a bright, built-in LED flashlight. (5 x 1½ x 1¾"; 2 oz). Brilliant!

Be Adaptable

Lighten your gadget load with the Travelon 3-in-1 Adaptor, Converter, Charger.This innovative adaptor/converter has a USB charging port built right in so you can power up your cell phone, iPod and other USB compatible devices anywhere (cable not included). It also includes the four most common adaptor plugs for more than 150 countries within North America, Pacific/Australia, Europe and the UK, and automatically converts voltage from 220V to 110V.

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