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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Featured Post: Advantages of Small Group Adventure Travel

    Intrepid TravelWhen people hear the term Adventure Tours, many definitions and death defying images can come to mind. What people don’t realize is that this category of tourism has a very diverse definition. Long gone are the days when you had to make the choice between hiking to the top of Everest or retreating to an all-inclusive resort to eat and drink your way through your vacation. As travelers get more adventurous in their destinations (and more experienced at traveling) this new demand is being answered by tour operators. Welcome to small group adventure travel.


    Small group adventure travel is a style of travel that has been around for a while, but for many is still a new concept. Group travel doesn't mean you have to be in a herd of 40-100 people getting on and off the bus at all the usual tourist sites. In fact, it is the total opposite. It is an exciting way to explore a new country in a fun, safe, and organized way. These tours usually include accommodation, in-country transport, local guides, some food, and a choice of activities. They are built to stay flexible so that you can choose your activities and book them when you arrive. This kind of travel is not only affordable, it allows for the best part of travel - spontaneity. These tours are for everyone, there is no age requirement or limit. They also don’t discriminate against the solo traveler by charging a single supplement (although it is an option if that is what you prefer). Small group travel is for people that are flexible, adventurous, and looking to get off the beaten path. Continue reading

  • How to Log and Share Your Travel Experience

    CarouselForSharingArticleTraveling alone or together can be a life-changing experience for you and your travel mates, and sharing that experience can inspire others to follow their wanderlust. Presenting your travel tales to others doesn’t have to be the painful home video experience of the ’70s, or the stereotypical slideshow presentation to yawning attendees. And in today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have to wait until the trip is over…social media and iPhones make it easy to share your travel experience.

    Think of your travel-sharing experience as having three stages: Continue reading

  • The 12 Hottest Mobile Apps for Travel

    Travel AppsNeed to book a flight? Find a hotel? Figure out how much money something costs in U.S. dollars? There’s an app for that. Lots of them in fact. We’ve done the research and talked to fellow travelers to find the hottest mobile apps for travel that get you from point A to point B and back again smoothly and accurately so you can focus on the joys of travel. Continue reading

  • Featured: Canal Barging - An Idyllic Cruise Vacation

    Featured Post by Ron Stern, Magellan's Travel Contributor 

    Panache on canal There’s a reason why people who have taken canal cruises are often repeat customers. Pastoral landscapes serenely pass by at 4 mph, allowing you to take in all that your senses intended. Add to this gourmet food, personalized service and daily excursions and you have the perfect relaxing vacation.

    My wife and I booked a trip with European Waterways through Alsace-Lorraine, a region of France created by the German Empire in 1871 and encompassing parts of the Rhine, Moselle Valley and Vosges Mountains.

    We decided to arrive a few days early to explore Paris and rid ourselves of jetlag. Prior to our cruise, we boarded a TGV (high speed train) to the Strasbourg train station, where we were met by Alan, our tour guide for the week, and transported to our barge, the Panache.

    Actually, the term barge is something of a misnomer. These retrofitted boats serve as upscale Our room on Panachefloating hotels on the water complete with comfy rooms, beds and showers as well as a lounge area, bar, dining room, and all the amenities you can imagine. Our vessel accommodated 12 passengers and our cabin was spacious and comfortable and even had a double sink bathroom with full shower. Continue reading

  • Cozy Cabins Call for Compact Carry-ons

    Expandable Jonah ToteWhile even the smallest of today’s cruise ship cabins are several steps above Jack Dawson’s third-class berth on the Titanic, they are still not what you would call roomy. With average cabin sizes in the 170-200 square foot range (about half the size of a typical hotel room) your time at sea will be much more pleasant if you take a few measures to keep your cabin clutter-free.

    The first thing to look at is your luggage. Big empty suitcases rob you of precious storage space in a ship’s tiny closet. Fortunately, several manufacturers offer expandable and foldable luggage that stash compactly away when not in use. Continue reading

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