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Air Tamer portable purifier helps you breathe easier around the world.
Air Tamer Travel Air Purifier
Air Tamer Travel Air Purifier Air Tamer Travel Air Purifier

Sitting next to a coughing, sneezing passenger on a long flight can put even the strongest immune system to the test. Now you can increase your odds of staying healthy with the remarkable Air Tamer personal air purifier. Certified to clean 875% more air pollutants than comparable purifiers, its electrostatic purification system creates a 3-foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head by emitting a constant stream of negative ions that force airborne pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust, away from your personal space. Ultra-compact and energy efficient, there are no filters to replace, and just two lithium batteries (included) provide seven days of continuous use. Wear it around your neck, clipped to your shirt, or sit it on your nightstand to purify the air around your pillow while you sleep. Features a blinking "on" indicator light, neck strap, and protective metal travel case. (3 x 1¼ x 1"; 2 oz)

More Information

The Air Tamer is the most effective travel ionic air purifier. It creates a sphere of cleaner, healthier air by dispersing airborne contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, pollen, and dust, away from your breathing space.

Product Features:

  • Filters up to 875% more air pollutants than comparable products
  • Creates a 3 foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air by dispersing airborne contaminants (e.g. viruses, bacteria, pollen, and dust) away from your breathing space
  • Cleans away the most dangerous atomic size particles (e.g. viruses smaller than 0.3 microns) that traditional HEPA air purifiers leave behind
  • Ultra compact - attractive, discreet design is smaller the most mp3 players
  • Wear it around your neck (lanyard included), clip it to your shirt or blouse (includes integral clip) or stand it freely on a nightstand once you reach your destination
  • No filters to replace or clean - healthy negative ions do the filtering
  • Silent operation - no noisy fans or motors
  • Extremely energy efficient - provides over 7 days of continuous use with 2 lithium coin cell batteries (included)
  • Metal travel case - protects your Air Tamer from the bumps and bruises of travel
  • "On" indicator - a gently blinking blue LED indicates Air Tamer is cleaning the air
  • Breakaway lanyard for extra safety
  • On/Off switch - easy to access sliding on/off switch
Size: Air Tamer alone: 2¾ x 1¼ x ¾"; In metal case: 4¼ x 2 x 1¼"
Weight: Alone: 2 oz; In metal case: 4 oz
Materials: ABS plastic, Chrome, steel, lithium battery, carbon emitter

Customer Reviews

Air Tamer - Review by

I used the Air Tamer on a trip to France a year ago. On one of the flights there was a friendly French national coughing his head off right next to me. I felt protected by the Air Tamer, and after three different plane trips on each direction, I was flu and cold free for the whole year. Good product if you can use it. I did not have any issues with the European airlines.

(Posted on 3/24/14)
Air Tamer Review - Review by

The Air Tamer is not allowed on planes. In fact, the pilot has the authority to confiscate the air purifiers if used during flight. I will demand a complete refund back from either Magellan's or American Express. Magellan or Filterstream company should have cleared the product with the FAA before manufacturing and distribution.

(Posted on 12/11/13)
Great Use but Rules in Air Changed - Review by

When it can be used, this is an excellent air purifier. I've used it since before 9/11 on extended trips and there have been improvements over the years. But it now can't be used as noted in other reviews. On my last flight, the crew on the same plane had different opinions of whether it was prohibited or not prohibited. I'm flying international next month, wonder if it's the same with foreign airlines? It does work great during a voggy day in Paradise, though, so all is not lost.

(Posted on 11/26/12)
It's good but can't use it - Review by

I think this device worked. But I wasn't allowed to use it. United informed me that it was a federal offense to use it on board. After that experience, I checked with several airlines finally finding the info in the baggage policies and 3 out of 3 prohibit the use if perusal air filters. Too bad...not good for the product.

(Posted on 10/28/12)
Lithium Batteries - Review by

I tried to use this device on Hawaiian Airlines and was told that it was "illegal" to use because the lithium batteries may explode. (I am NOT kidding.) I then asked if everyone wearing a lithium battery watch had to remove his/her watch. The attendant became angry, and I wanted to fly so I capitulated. All that money down the drain.

(Posted on 8/28/12)

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Air Tamer Travel Air Purifier

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