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Release Date: February 18, 2013
Contact: Ethan Demby – Public Relations
Magellan’s Travel Supplies

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Denver, CO – Magellan's Travel Supplies is Your Trusted Source of Travel Supplies with more options than ever before. Our 2013 Late Summer Catalog is now available. In addition to dozens of new products, Magellan's has recently partnered with Colorado Bag'n Baggage, the nation's largest specialty luggage retailer, to add to our vast selection of trusted travel gear, luggage and clothing for wherever you're going next. Find store locations by clicking here.

  • Inspired by our partnership with Colorado Bag'n Baggage, we're unveiling our collaborative “Top 10” guide to the best carry-on luggage under $500. Carry-on bags are the MVPs of every luggage collection, and Colorado Bag'n Baggage recommended these ten based on testing for durability, convenience and organization, as well as feedback from customers in their nationwide stores. Each of the top ten comes with free standard shipping and the Magellan's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Father's Day is June 16 and we're set to help you select the perfect gifts. Whether it's organizing small essentials, defending against identity theft, or ensuring a wrinkle-free suit, we've got you covered. Keep everything in one place with the Magellan's Travel Tray. Folds flat for easy packing and snaps together to create a space for valuables, keys, loose change, wallets and eyeglasses. Stay protected with the new RFID Stainless Steel Passport Sleeve and Wallet. Made from 85% post-consumer recycled stainless steel and silver ballistic nylon mesh, credit card and passport RFID chips can't be scanned while inside. Upgrade your husband's garment bag to the new WallyBag® with its patented WallyLock® hanger clamping system to secure hangers together and keep clothes neat.
  • Add up to five hours of additional power to your laptop. The MiniGorilla Charger, found in our latest catalog, charges a wide variety of laptops, tablets, and phones without worry with its multi-voltage capabilities. With a thickness of three-fourths inches and weight of one-half pound, this portable charger can go anywhere. The kit includes 11 laptop connector tips, nine phone tips, three interchangeable world plugs, a worldwide AC adaptor, retractable USB cord and its own neoprene carrying case.
  • Don't you wish your iPhone had a better zoom? With the iPhone 5 Hookupz Lens & Monocular you can take amazingly sharp video and photos from a distance. Use as a standalone monocular if you your binoculars are taking up too much space.
  • Beauty travels. Introducing the Cordless Curling Iron and Cordless Straightening Iron. Made by Conair, these straightening irons are powered by Thermacell® butane cartridges which can go anywhere you go, even on the plane!
  • Now that your hair is straight, ensure your clothes are too. Grab a Dual-Voltage Mini Travel Iron just in case the hotel room iron is faulty, dirty or non-existent. Weighing 1.1 pounds and measuring 10.25 inches long, you can eliminate wrinkles anywhere in the world.
Since 1989, Magellan's has been your trusted source of travel solutions and gear. The current catalog is available FREE by calling (800) 962-4943 and by visiting Magellan's is staffed by trained Travel Gear Specialists, ready to answer questions on everything related to travel. All Magellan's products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.