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The Magellan's Story

Magellan’s was founded in 1989 by two travel professionals to provide unique and useful travel products for all types of travelers, supported by well-trained travel gear specialists, and backed by a complete 100% guarantee of satisfaction. In union with one of the most popular catalogs in the world, Magellan’s offers hard-to-find products that solve any travel related problem, from overseas electrical adapters to third world health and hygiene. Magellan’s delivers an extensive line of clothing and gear that is specifically developed to adhere to the needs of travel. With our high quality and durable luggage, our unique in flight comfort accessories, and our wide range of RFID blocking security items, we will help you travel safely and in style. We strive to be the first choice for satisfaction, for discovery, and for proven solutions to any travel need. And with all of our products backed by our 100% Satisfaction guarantee, you can rely on us to stand by our products and provide you with the best gear in the business.